Mkandila Widows Handcrafts seeks to teach elderly widows in Mkandila, Malawi, vocational skills to provide them with an invaluable source of income as well as a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. Alex has taught women in the village how to make jewellery, hacky sacks, basic handicrafts and hand-painted cards. Their plan is to branch out into sewing in order to make products that can be of personal use and easily be sold to locals. Alex has been teaching himself to sew from a textbook, passing on this knowledge to the women.

The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust would like to support the group by raising £800 to repair their existing sewing machine, buy two new sewing machines and employ a professional tailor to teach the group the more technical aspects of tailoring.


Please note: Our trustees will try to take account of your donation preference however, if for any reason they deem this project to be unsuitable, your donation will be allocated to a similar education project (to be chosen by the trustees in their absolute discretion). 100% of donations will still go directly to projects with a focus on the advancement of education.