Stabl Antar Dream seeks to provide a quality education and vocational training to the children of Stabl Antar - a shanty town in Southern Cairo. Their programmes equip students with skills to provide income-generating opportunities alongside their studies, countering the financial disincentives poor families face when sending their children to school.

The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust is attempting to raise £14,200 to help build the ground floor of a new school building, providing the inhabitants of Stabl Antar with a safer and more productive learning environment that can cater for the needs of even more children in the area.


Please note: Our trustees will try to take account of your donation preference however, if for any reason they deem this project to be unsuitable, your donation will be allocated to a similar education project (to be chosen by the trustees in their absolute discretion). 100% of donations will still go directly to projects with a focus on the advancement of education.